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Benefits of Self-promotion for Individuals and Small business owners Pt. 1

An old saying goes, you are never too small to advertise. This rings true in this vast ocean of information called THE INTERNET. Realizing just how big the internet is can be an often scary discovery. Yes the internet is the literal definition of plenty of fish in the ocean.

This however shouldn’t be a hurdle. If you are an upstart business, the internet is your friend. You will need to be consistent with self promotion. Without a doubt, self-promotion can make you and your business successful. And if you are already successful, it can make your personal brand huge. One advantage and sometimes disadvantage of what the internet represents, which is connecting people, is that, you don’t get to be a success without knowing  a lot of people and having a lot of people know you.

This can not be achieved by keeping your head down and not attracting attention to yourself. Publicity of any sort is good for your business. Do not believe us? Look up how Kim Kardashian West and our very own Iris used what some would view as bad publicity to skyrocket their brands. From amateur sex videos in badly lit dorms, to been brand ambassadors for brands like Castle.

To achieve their levels of success or something remotely close, you have to be passionate about two things: the business and yourself.  If you are not passionate about what you do and willing to take risks, find the thing you are most passionate about, and if you are not passionate about yourself, well I am recommending you seek professional help. The person you should love the most, admire the most, treasure the most is YOU. And when you have that confidence in yourself, others see it, too. When you share that confidence with other people, they feel confident about you as well. This helps the foundation of any business relationship. You trust a Nike AirMax trainer to offer you comfort for those workouts.

Please do not misunderstand our article to mean you become an egoistical jerk like some religious zealots. "I cant say I broke my leg right now because my papa says that is negative reinforcement," level of confidence.  Self promotion is not bragging or boasting. It is not being something bigger than you are and what you do.

It is perfectly acceptable to promote yourself without looking like an arrogant jerk. People are going to be out promoting themselves and their personal endeavors and small businesses. If you are not, you are missing good opportunities, and others are going to beat you in the competition. They are going to sell their art, get their speaking gigs, get more web traffic, or whatever they are competing with you for.

So if you are passionate about setting up your small business, gather that confidence, go out, set it up and start telling people about it. Let them know you are good at what you do, let them come to you for answers and information. While resumes/portfolios and cover letters are still used as filtering mechanisms, people who are looking to hire and work with you will find out a lot more by Googling you. This means is the Internet is now your resume. In the last few years, the importance of personal branding has grown astronomically as new social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. This is where a web presence is important, having a website and social networking accounts can help you reach your intended target audience.

End of Part One.