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zedgold logo printed

Dear Potential Client: Logos

This is a love letter, from a company that knows your worth. I admit, our standards can be a bit on the high side and this makes you think we are expensive, but trust us, in the long term? We are the right partner.

This is the first in a series of love letters, that will hopefully make you see us as the right fit for you and your business. Our hope, at the very least, is that, even if you don’t end up in a relationship with us, that you will still learn a thing or two about what your true worth is.

We will begin with the cliché line of, we are not like the others you have been with. And we are sure you have heard all this before, the sweet whispers of nothing, just before the deal is sealed, and the sudden change that happens after. So, how do we prove to you, that we are not like those other companies? Let's start small, logos.

Did you know that when you get your logo designed, that logo should come as a package, with a minimum of 5/6 variations? Oh, you didn’t know that getting your logo isn’t a single file done deal? Well, here is the gist, some of those other companies, will make you feel like they are good for you, when in actual sense, it’s all a con job.

This is the bare minimum expectation that you should expect from any company handling something as sensitive and private as your logo:


Logo Packaging

The reason for this, as a company that is really fighting for your eye, it saves you money, saves you time, and also makes you truly own your logo. Most of these other companies want to own you, they will give you a logo that is less than 1920x1080px  because they know you have to go back to them whenever you need to do any, this will cost you money and time as it means you don't truly own your brand. As if that is not bad enough, they will also never give you a master file for these logo variations, for you to be able to make changes, either by yourself or another company.


Hope this shows, that our love for you is real, because even if we are saying all this, you don't have to seal the deal with us, you can find some other company willing to treat you right. A company that knows your worth.