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Brand Guidelines: What are they, and do you need them?

Brand guidelines are a set of rules that brands create to ensure that their messages and logos are consistent across all platforms. They can help to ensure that the brand is perceived in a positive light. These rules help companies maintain quality standards while ensuring they stay true to their brand identity. Brand guidelines are often referred to as “branding” or “logo guidelines.”

The answer to the question "Do you need them?" is, it depends on your business. Guidelines are not necessary for every company, but they can be helpful if you want to maintain consistency and control over your brand image.

The first step in developing a brand guideline is to understand what makes your company unique. What sets you apart from competitors? How does your product stand out among others? Once you have identified your brand's uniqueness, it's time to create a logo. A good logo should reflect your brand's personality and values.

Once you've created a logo, it's time to develop a brand guideline. Brand guidelines outline how your brand should look, feel, sound, and act. They provide a visual representation of your brand's mission statement and values.

A brand guideline is a great way to communicate your brand's vision to employees, customers, vendors, and partners. It helps everyone involved know exactly what to expect from your business. Your brand guideline should be consistent across all marketing materials, including websites, social media pages, packaging, advertisements, and employee uniforms.

Image credit: Behance-Edge Hosting Rebrand